Chips is an accessible typeface I designed in 2018.

The typeface was born from shapes produced when I embroidered text onto polystyrene chip boxes. I used these chip boxes as looms during a collaborative weaving project. The name 'Chips' derives from loom becoming language, a narrative with roots in many cultures.

Sample of chips


1. Blue Cheese Dressing
2. Brown Gravy
3. Steak Sauce
4. Curry Sauce
5. Tartar Sauce
6. French's Yellow Mustard
7. Malt Vinegar
8. Fry Sauce
9. Aioli
10. Bearnaise
11. Buffalo Sauce
12. Sriracha
13. Banana Sauce
14. Honey Mustard
15. Chocolate Frosty
16. BBQ Sauce
17. Jalapeno Cheese
18. 1000 Island Dressing
19. Horseradish Sauce
20. Marie Rose Sauce
21. Salad Cream
22. Worcestershire Sauce
23. Mayonnaise
24. Garlic Sauce
25. Tzatziki
26. Brown Sauce
27. Pickle
28. Cranberry Sauce
29. Feta Cheese

A greater flavour of Chips can be savoured in the RCA Type-Specimin publication.
If you'd like to download this typeface, get in touch!