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Local Senses

Since initiating the first creative making workshops to be held at the Royal National Institute of Blind People in 2017, I have led a programme of engagements that span poetry, performance, sculpture and drawing – with an emphasis on collaboration and discovery within the everyday.

Local Senses (2019 – 2020) has been a year-long project where a core group of blind and visually impaired adults have been collaborating, supported by three artists in a series of walks and workshops in and around the Royal National Institute of Blind People, to develop strategies for exploring, and navigating outdoor space. In the process, we reflected on our local environment, and our sense of presence within it over time, through multi-sensory responses.

During the pandemic we adapted to continue our project remotely – and are looking forward to the next stage of our journey together!

Local Senses was supported by the Mayor of London's Culture Seeds fund.

On this page:

- You can watch the documentation of the Local Senses workshops in our Local Senses film.

- You are invited on a guided walk, accompanied by our ‘Local Senses, Bloomsbury walking route audio guide’. You can also download our walking route map.

- Our publication Local Senses: Mapping in Bloomsbury will be published along with an audiobook version very soon! You can download a sample on this page.

Local Senses documentation film (Nov 2019-20)

Filmmaker, Nathan Bather
click to watch on YouTube

Local Senses, Bloomsbury walking route audio guide

Sound Artist, Benjamin Jenner
Click to listen on Soundcloud

This audio recording accompanies the map of a walk around Bloomsbury undertaken by the Local Senses group between 2019 - 2020.

As a listener, you are invited to walk the route while accompanied by this audio guide, stopping at the different points to reflect, as indicated in the audio. The walk begins outside the Royal National Institute of Blind People, on Judd Street in Kings Cross, London and lasts about an hour.

If you are listening to the audio whilst walking or resting in a space physically distant to Bloomsbury, allow it to transport your mind on a journey around the streets of central London

You can download a PDF of the map here.

Local Senses, Mapping in Bloomsbury

Our publication, Local Senses, Mapping in Bloomsbury, is in the process of being printed. Check back here for more details soon!
A free audiobook accompaniment produced by the RNIB will also be available.

Graphic Designer, Oscar Warr

To request a copy, email:
In the meantime, you can download a PDF sample here. Enjoy!


Archive Material

- Watch 2018-19 RNIB creative workshops documentation

- Watch 2017-18 RNIB creative workshops documentation