Project Natty are an artist duo, Natanya Mark and Nathan Bather, who live and work together. Their collective practice explores DIY homestyle-fashion that incorperates re-purposed materials.

Pashion is a ongoing collective movement, founded by Project Natty in 2019.

Pashion (pasta + fashion = pashion) events bring local makers together to crit, skill share, showcase home-works and wearables and run collaborative public workshops. These events are always enjoyed over a bowl of steaming, collaboratively hand-made, fresh - and saucy, pasta.

As part of this work, we developed the typeface pashion - with lettering traced from homemade pasta.

Image Past Pashion projects:
_2022 Pashion, An Other World, Rotterdam, Netherlands
_2022 Fieldworks, Laserdays Studio, New York City
_2021 Pashion Presents: Spaghetti Seance, F.A.T. Studio, London
_2019 DIP Pashion, AMP Gallery, London
_2019 Pasta + Fashion = Pashion, Lo and Behold, London

Click for Pashion digital archive 2019 - 21.

Pashion, An Other World, Rotterdam, 2022

Photographs: Natanya Mark and Jake Caleb.