Second Life Club

Second Life Club is a programme I co-conceptualised at F.A.T. Studio in early 2021, when I co-founded the Old Kent Road Arts Club. Second Life Club is free collaborative space focused on sustainable making, for people who live and work in the Old Kent Road Area. My role is to facilitate the group, co-ordinate the programme and document the co-creation process in these sessions.

The workshops are underpinned by skill shares that de-privelidge outcome. Second Life Club have begun to run co-created events. Our first event was Spaghetti Seance at F.A.T. Studio on 31 October 2021. Second Life Club have collaborated with Project Natty, Free Movements and F.A.T. Studio.

Postcards from today
SLC July - Nov 2021


Postcards from Today is an inclusivity tool within a shifting co-created space. At the end of a session, each person makes a postcard from ‘whatever’s left on the table’ to someone coming to a future session. A start of a subsequent session, everyone randomly selects a postcard from the archive and shares with the group their talismanic guiding card.

Second Life Club at Old Kent Road Arts Club
July - December 2021


Second Life Club, Spaghetti Seance
31 October 2021

Second Life Club · Second Life Club Spaghetti Seance